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The qualities to look out for when recruiting a customer service role

Great customer service is vital for any business whether B2B or B2C. You want to impress each and every customer that your business deals with, as this will ultimately mean repeat business as well as positive recommendations.

Many people can recall a time when they have received poor customer service, those occasions stick in our mind and cast a poor impression of the company for which they work. However, this theory works both ways, and those great customer service experiences also stick, shining a positive light on said company.

The ideal candidate for any customer service job, no matter the requirements of the role, will have a certain number of qualities that ultimately mean they are able to carry out their responsibilities effectively and subsequently help your business to gain the recognition it deserves.

Here we will outline the top qualities that our expert team of recruiters look for when we recruit for any and all customer service roles.


Arguably one of the most important attributes you want any customer service candidate to have is a friendly demeanour, as well as the ability to maintain their friendly demeanour throughout any conversation, such as dealing with customer complaints.


This includes verbal and written communication as conversations may take place by telephone, in person or by email. A candidate should be able to clearly communicate with customers and colleagues, in a polite and professional manner.


It is highly likely that within a customer service role an employee will have to bring a great deal of patience to the table, particularly when discussing certain things that a customer may not be clear on or if a customer begins to become frustrated, a candidate must not let their own frustration show.


The essence of a customer service role is to be that helping hand for customers. A great customer service associate will be willing to go that extra mile for a customer to ensure that their query or issue is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Knowledge of a product

Assessing how well a candidate will know a product may be tricky at interview stage, however it can be a great indicator as to whether they are the right fit for a role. We would recommend implementing assessments within the interview process to assess how well they can retain information and communicate said information in a clear and concise manner.

Are you looking to recruit for a customer service role? Get in touch with Mainline Employment today to discuss how we can help your business to source the ideal customer service candidate.