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Recruiting trends for 2018

2017 has been a busy and exciting year for the whole team here at Mainline, with many fantastic achievements and successes to celebrate. As a business, we are continuously adapting to new climates, be it changes in technology, legislation, candidate skills and much more. Therefore, at the end of each year we look ahead to the New Year and the trends that could impact the recruitment industry.

In researching and planning for these possible trends, we are able to adequately prepare and therefore provide the best possible service to clients and candidate alike. Here are the recruitment trends that we think could impact the industry in 2018.

recruitment trends

2018’s recruitment trends

The use of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) within the recruitment industry gained prominence in 2017, but we predict that the impact it has on recruitment practices will grow exponentially in 2018. Artificial intelligence will allow recruiters to source the right individuals for a role based on their skills using algorithms and talent mapping. This will in turn allow recruiters to be much more efficient and ensure that businesses and candidates receive the most beneficial outcome.

Social media recruiting

Recruiting via social media has been an enormous part of recruiting for a number of years now, and we expect this to grow once again 2018. The usual suspects, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, will play a huge role next year, but there has also been talk on the horizon that the likes of Instagram could also become a prominent contender for social media recruitment in 2018.

Remote working

With technology and internet speeds faster and more efficient than ever, remote working has become a rather attractive prospect to candidates, who would have the ability to work from any number of locations. However, whilst this may seem like a great idea, full time remote working has been found to have an impact on an employee’s wellbeing, as they are not building those vital face to face relationships with colleagues. That being said, we predict that more flexibility within roles in the next 12 months with regards to providing employees with the option to work from home on occasion.

Certain skills will be vital

There has been much talk this year with regards to the impending skills gap that the UK business sector is facing, with much more highly skills roles available than there are candidates to fill them. As a result of this, we believe that candidates possessing the vital skills that this skills gap addresses, such as digital or engineering, will be in high demand in 2018.

If your business is looking to partner with a forward thinking and professional recruitment agency in 2018, get in touch with our friendly team at Mainline.