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Ensuring temporary workers are treated equally

At Mainline Employment, we have always taken the rights of our temporary workers extremely seriously.We find temporary staff for businesses and employers of all shapes and sizes and when we place workers in new temporary roles, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we work closely with all parties to ensure everyone is happy. We are always there for temporary staff to make sure they are fairly treated in their temporary place of work and our dedicated team continue to be here to offer support and deal with any queries or issues should they arise.

Agency Worker Regulations and what they mean for temporary staff

One way in which temporary workers are protected is through the Agency Worker Regulations, often referred to as AWR, which came into force back in 2011. The regulations were introduced to ensure that temporary workers, after an initial period of 12 weeks in a role, would benefit from the same basic rights as those directly employed within the organisation.

Once a temporary worker has been in their temporary role for the 12 week period and they continue to work for the same organisation in the same role, then they are entitled to be treated equally.

In practice this means that a temporary worker who is supplied by a recruitment agency is then entitled to the same pay, working conditions, breaks and holidays as permanent employees in comparable roles.   If permanent employees receive bonuses linked to their individual performance, then temporary workers will also be eligible for the same bonus scheme.

The regulations also state that, from their first day in post, temporary workers must have access to any on-site facilities which are available to permanent staff. This could include staff canteen, access to childcare facilities etc.  Business must also give their temporary workers access to information regarding current job vacancies within the organisation.